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Friday, 31 August 2018 - Monday, 29 October 2018
9am to 5pm

8734 6021

Wyndham Art Gallery

An exhibition of sculptures and photographs by local artists Robert Young and Jonathan Mendez Baute.

See inside the creative minds of two highly skilled artists from our own backyard.

LOCAL artists Robert Young and Jonathan Mendez Baute have come from different backgrounds, use different mediums and work in very different ways. What brings them together?

Robert Young is an accomplished photographer who travels far and wide to explore the vast landscapes that are the subject matter for his photographs. Jonathan Mendez Baute makes incredibly detailed sculptures in his tiny lounge room.

Robert’s work conveys the vastness of nature and its fragility. Jonathan drills down to the human condition and the impact of our consumer lifestyle on the animals we share the environment with.

Both artists are concerned for the environments they examine.

Both artists question contemporary society and how we live.

Together, they have produced a potent exhibition that challenges you in one moment and will leave you awestruck in the next.