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Dancing Place
Thursday, 9 November 2017 - Sunday, 24 December 2017
9am to 5pm

8734 6021

Wyndham Art Gallery

Where do you feel so at home you could dance like no-one’s watching?

Dancing Place is an exhibition featuring nine videos of Wyndham residents dancing in their favourite places to their favourite music.

Directed by artist Gretel Taylor and filmed by award-winning screen dance artist Dianne Reid, the participants danced their creative expressions of the places where they live.

By presenting individual identities in a community project, the richness of our neighbourhoods are beautifully displayed.

The installation includes salsa by the sea, Bollywood in the backyard, funky moves at the park, line-dancing along Lollypop Creek, Lisu cultural dance on the Mansion veranda, Shake your Tail Feather at the supermarket, Body Weather by the River, hip hop round the basketball ring and Indigenous creation dances at a sacred site.

Sometimes playful, sometimes passionate, poignant, skilful, sensitive, communal or outrageous, the embodied act of dancing affirms the presence of self in place. Each video feels like a world unto itself, but viewed as a collection the videos connote Wyndham as a shared place, inhabited and enjoyed by a broad range of people, evoking a moving, grooving co-presence.

Image credit: Photograph by Dianne Reid

OPENING NIGHT: Wednesday 8 November