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Thursday, 21 June 2018 - Monday, 20 August 2018

Wyndham Art Gallery on 9742 0777 or email arts@wyndham.vic.gov.au.

Wind and weave through a stunning exhibition created by master weavers Lee Darroch, Donna Blackall, Kui Taukilo and Vicki Kinai.

Be entranced by the woven kitchen, created as a tribute to a beloved grandmother. Immerse yourself in a world where art is natural part of life, and weaving is more than just craft.

Weaving is a cultural practice. It’s yarning, storytelling, sharing and passing on histories and culture. It’s a metaphor for the weaving together of people’s stories and lives.

Visitors to the gallery will experience the bigger cultural conversation that happens when we make and create art together, as artists take up residence in the space and invite you to join them in a yarning circle.

This exhibition will also include an extended program where you can experience weaving first hand, taught by the masters and custodians of culture.

Image Credit: Kui Taukilo - Cup and Saucer