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Bharathi yaar?
Saturday March 16 2019
  • Adult: $30
  • Child (Ages 5 to 15): $15
  • Under 5 years old free
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Melbourne Talkies is a not for profit organisation formed by a bunch of creative minds in Melbourne, producing stage plays with an interest to mainly promote fine arts and stage play. Around 50 people are involved in the core and cast crew and we take every step to ensure the quality of the entertainment is maintained with the cultural & entertainment values.

The stage show "Bharathi Yaar?" is planned to focus on exhibiting the cultural and linguistic values of the very ancient language called "Tamil". Tamil has been recognised as the ancient language of its order and been learnt all across the world including non-tamil speaking origin. This show will help to nurture and further enhance the beauty of the language with the key intention to portray the real life history of a tamil poet Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathiyar who has breathed, lived and died for this language back in India. This will impart many key learnings and help the Tamil speaking Indian / other communities within Victoria to feel the pride. There would be scenes with dialogues and dances that would be staged on the show emphasizing the same.

Duration of the show: 150 minutes.

Presented by Melbourne Talkies.