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Jurassica By Giovannoni: Schools Performance
Wednesday September 5 2018

Students: $10
Teacher/Carers: FREE

  • Book online (+$1.95 booking fee), in person at the Wyndham Cultural Centre or on 8734 6000
  • Subscription and group discounts available
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“Jurassica has been patiently crafted, like Nonna’s perfect slow-cooked pork” The Age

“I go, running, downstair, outside, go past a well and past Ugo house. All way until the village it nearly stop. Poi lo sento. Under the ground. Un brontolio.”

Ralph and Sara left Tuscany in the 1950s to build a new life in Melbourne. Kaja fled war-torn Belgrade in the 1990s; arriving in Australia felt like coming to paradise. Now working as an interpreter, Kaja is called to a hospital one night to help a young man reconnect with his grandfather.

Jurassica weaves the past and present together, exploring what it is to migrate, to be displaced and to spend the rest of your life searching for home.

Suitable for Year 11 - 12

  • Written By Dan Giovannoni
  • Director By Bridget Balodis
  • Composer & Sound Designer Ian Moorhead
  • Dramaturg Gary Abrahams 
  • Set & Costume Designer Romanie Harper 
  • Lighting Designer Amelia Lever-Davidson 
  • Cast includes Joe Petruzzi, Olga Makeeva and Caroli Cast ne Lee