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The Bottle Collector
Wednesday July 7 2021 - Wednesday July 7 2021
2:00PM - 2:50PM


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The Bottle Collector is a thrilling combination of circus, physical theatre and object-based puppetry where a collection of bottles provides inspiration to share poetic images, remarkable physicality, and stories of humanity.

The show has been inspired by observing children and their collections, their delight in arranging coins or buttons, capturing curiosities, and gathering pockets full of possibility.

The Bottle Collector involves two characters - one with their valuable case of precious bottles, and another whose collections at first seem a lot like rubbish. What unfolds is a gentle story about what we place value on, and a delightful musing that perhaps there is more joy and beauty to be found in unexpected places than we realise.

Be astounded as award-winning Clunes-based theatre makers Christy Flaws and Luke O-Connor pull messages out of bottles and create stories out of thin air using a tea-spoon of magic, a pinch of puppetry, and a daring dollop of circus tricks. 

Duration 50 minutes no interval